NIB: Thousands tune in to Coventry Conversations

THE NUMBER of people accessing audio and video recordings of previous Coventry Conversation guest speakers is reaching the thousands courtesy of CSAD’s CU Today website, and the Coventry University TV (CUTV) and Podcast Channels.  The most popular video on CUTV with 5,600+ hits is of shock jock Jon Gaunt. He spoke at the media lecture series late last year only days after his controversial comments on and subsequent sacking from the TalkSport radio station.  The most popular audio soundtrack at 1,750+ hits is that of investigative reporter, Shelley Jofre, who uncovered a trail of falsehood surrounding the antidepressant drug – Seroxat. 

John Mair, the creator of Coventry Conversations, said: “I am delighted to see the range and size of the Digital audience for the Coventry Conversations.  It came as a genuine surprise.  The internet is an information jungle; it is very, very crowded.  But these  figures show that with a good product like the Conversations or CU Today combined with nifty marketing, Coventry University can find it’s own space in the cyber market place.”


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