Dance students’ project given City Council backing

Becca Feesey (left), and Nikki Keetley

TWO COVENTRY University students have successfully set-up Core Fusion Dance Company as part of their final year dance project and has seen Becca Feesey and Nikki Keetley working with a group from the Tile Hill area of Coventry city.

The aim of the project is to allow young mums the opportunity to access and experience at first hand both dance and movement.  Since October 2008, weekly dance workshops have been held and co-ordinated by Feesey and Keetley at the Jardine Young People’s Centre.

The workshop – for mums aged 16-25 – will continue to run into late April this year with a final presentation of the dance creations they have all been working on and a short film to show the process of the work being held a month later in May.

Feesey and Keetley have set a new precedent with the dance company as it is the first student project of its kind to have received funding in the form of an £800 Arts Grant from Coventry City Council.  If successful, it could lead to funding for similar projects in the future.

21-year-old Artistic Director, Becca Feesey, said: “It is very difficult for young mums to get time to themselves and so we thought this would be an ideal way for them to get out of the house and enjoy some free time doing something for themselves.”

If successful, it could lead to funding for similar projects in the future

Nikki Keetley, also 21, added: “It is incredible to see the kind of journey that these young women have been on. Most of them have not done any dancing before and now they are happy to express themselves through movement and contemporary dance.

“These workshops have given the women something new to focus on and they’ve discovered talents they never knew they had. We are really looking forward to seeing the reaction of their friends and families when they come to see the shows in May. They are all working incredibly hard.”

  • The performances will take place on Friday 15th May and Saturday 16th May at the Fishbone Art Gallery, Longford.  It will commence at 7pm with tickets priced at £3 each.

Image courtesy of Jason Craig


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  1. john mair

    Good stuff. Lots of material from other subject areas in CSAD…
    Fashion, art, graphics, PA..

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