NIB: Mercia’s producer admits radio jobs “are scarce”

THE PRODUCER of Mercia’s weekday breakfast programme has told journalism students that commercial radio offers “plenty of roles”, but that the current economic climate has led to a scarcity of jobs in the radio industry, writes Tim Watson.

Tom Reeves made the comments as the guest speaker at the second of three Coventry Conversations scheduled to take place this week.  Reeves added that graduates should be forewarned that “competition is fierce, and jobs scarce”.

He also highlighted the importance of showing a motivation and a desire to undertake “pointless jobs like rearranging the Boss’s office, as these are all little tasks to see how much you really want a job in the industry”.

Reeves moved to Mercia FM last July to produce the breakfast show with Andy Goulding, which attracts an audience comparable to that of Radio 1, and has seen it emerge as the most popular show in Coventry in the mornings with up to 160,000 listeners tuning in every week.

He admitted that although his job won’t make him a millionaire, it does make him very happy, wanting to go to work every single day, despite an early 4.30am rise. “If you want it bad enough, you will get up.  It’s the best job in the world, in my opinion,” he said.

  • Tim Watson is a first year journalism student

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