NIB: Mercia producer to tune into Coventry students

PRODUCER OF the highly-popular breakfast programme at local commercial radio station, Mercia, will be engaging with journalism and media students in the second of three Coventry Conversation media lectures this week.

Welsh-born Tom Reeves currently works alongside Andy Goulding from 6am to 10am each weekday morning on ‘The Mercia Breakfast: Waking Up When You Do’, and will be talking about his working role, and the importance of sustaining a positive and productive working relationship with the radio programme’s host.

Reeves will also discuss the dominance of radio networks, and whether broadcasters are being detached from local communities through the nationwide networks that own and control stations such as Mercia.

Mercia, formerly Mercia Sound and Mercia FM respectively, has been broadcasting for nearly thirty-years and is part of The One Network of local radio stations.  Reeves has spent a number of years working in commercial radio, initially at South Wales’ Red Dragon FM before making the move east to ‘Coventry and Warwickshire’s hit radio station’.

  • Tom Reeves will be in conversation on Thursday 12th March at 1pm in room ETG34 of the Ellen Terry Building at Coventry University.




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