‘Most searched-for personality’ set for Coventry Conversation

CONSUMER CHAMPION and creator of moneysavingexpert.com Martin Lewis will complete this weeks’ triple Coventry Conversations with a lecture in financial awareness and economic understanding. Lewis is a man whose knowledge of fiscal management has allowed him to occupy himself in numerous fields of media; he is an entrepreneur, journalist, author and even a television presenter.

martin-lewisHe has flown the flag for consumer rights, vigorously campaigning for the reclamation of unfair bank charges, council tax and mortgage fees, and his talk will give students the opportunity to pose questions on all-things monetary.

The Manchester-born consumer specialist has been answering to the moniker of ‘Money Saving Expert’ since 2000, when he made regular appearances on both television and radio, offering advice to gratified audiences, as well as having his own column in the News of the World.

Identifying a desire for economic expertise, Lewis created a simplistic web page that offered ‘Martin’s Money Tips’ to friends and family, not foreseeing the potential that the website would fulfill.

Just over six years after the full launch of moneysavingexpert.com, more than 8 million people a month are now viewing Martin’s tips, with over 3 million subscriptions to the weekly e-mails, creating a full-time job for himself and a team of web designers, researchers and developers.

The popularity of the site has boosted Martin’s reputation, allowing for further television appearances and ultimately, his very own Channel 5 show, It Pays To Watch.

As the credit crunch tightens around businesses and consumers alike, ‘Martin’s Money Tips’ have never been more significant; saving much-needed pennies in a climate that demands responsible banking.

Martin Lewis has created nothing short of a phenomenon; in fact, he claims in his blog that at one point he was the most searched-for personality in the UK, ‘unbelievably beating Barack Obama by 11%’.

  • Martin Lewis will be in conversation via video link on Friday 13th March at 1pm in the Herbert Gallery.


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