Bomb discovery brings chaos to University

A BOMB was found earlier today by construction workers who had been taking down the old Frank Whittle building situated near the centre of Coventry University’s campus. 

The discovery of another unexploded WWII bomb last March brought chaos to Coventry cityThe discovery of the unexploded bomb, reportedly dating back to the Second World War, was found earlier this afternoon at approximately 4pm by the workmen.

Staff and students were evacuated from surrounding University buildings, so too employees from the neighbouring Lanchester Art Gallery and Museum as well as City Council offices.  Shortly after the alarm was raised, police, fire, and ambulance services arrived at the scene on Cox Street.

For a number of hours, a 200-metre security cordon was put in place around the bomb site with much of the traffic flow going into and coming out of city centre being severely affected.  Army bomb experts arrived at the scene shortly after 6pm this evening.      

Staff who couldn’t get home made their way to and convened at the Alma Building where onward travel arrangements were being made for them, while students who couldn’t access those buildings within the security cordon waited at the nearby Britannia Hotel.

At approximately half nine, the police re-opened the campus and surrounding car parks after a team from the Explosive Ordnance Disposal (EOD) unit took away the shell after a series of checks had been conducted on it.

This then allowed staff to access their belongings and collect their cars, with Priory Hall also re-opened for students shortly afterwards.  The University will be functioning as normal tomorrow.  

It’s the second such bomb to be found in Coventry in the space of eleven months.  In March of last year, another unexploded bomb was unearthed at a building site on Belgrade Plaza in Upper Well Street.

At the time, junctions one to eight that led traffic into the city centre were closed off with a 500-metre cordon remaining around the site for more than 12 hours.


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