Excellence in journalism acknowledged

THE WINNERS of the 2009 Ernest Petrie Prize were announced at today’s Coventry Conversations media lecture in the presence of guest speaker and distinguished TV broadcast journalist, Jon Snow.

Petrie Prize winners with Jon SnowSnow presented each of the nine winners with their awards in front of a packed audience in the Graham Sutherland building where the talk took place.

There were four categories in total and included undergraduate students studying in years one, two and three, as well as MA students.  Winners were awarded £300 each with £100 awarded to those ranked in second and third place respectively.

The Ernest Petrie Prize is a competition exclusive to Coventry University’s journalism department which aims to acknowledge excellence in journalism, with a prize fund of £2,000 being put forward for this academic year alone.

In total, Ernest Petrie has donated a total of £6,000 in prize money, with the competition having commenced last year and set to conclude in 2010.  Chairman of the competition’s Judges, John Mair, revealed that the standard of work submitted by applicants was extremely impressive. 

“The quality was very good,” Mair said.  “In these troubled times for the media industries, any small help we and Ernest Petrie can offer our students is welcome.  Congratulations to all of them.”

Ernest Petrie has worked in print media for a considerable number of years, initially with the Trinity Mirror Group.  He has also worked as group managing director of Regional Independent Newspapers.

In 2004, Petrie was elected as President by the Scottish Newspaper Publishers Association which represents publishers of 100 weekly and bi-weekly newspapers and a further 30 free distribution newspapers based north of the border in Scotland.

A former Governor of Coventry University, Petrie is currently one of three Pro-Chancellors (2006-2011). 

MA winners:
Anand Mohan;
Danielle Cox;
Patricia Resende

BA (3) winners:
Jason Craig;
Daniel Berry;
Iain Green

BA (2) winners:
Joanne Ostrowski;
Laura Collier;
Sophie Bray

BA (1) winners:
To follow

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