Design students short-listed for International recognition

TWO AUTOMOTIVE design students from Coventry’s School of Art and Design are currently showcasing their respective designs at competitions being held in America and France. 

'Route'The work of final year automotive design student, 22-year-old David Eburah from Stratford-Upon-Avon, will feature as one of the finalists for this year’s Michelin Challenge Design exhibition in Detroit city.

Eleven 3-dimensional and twenty four 2-dimensional renderings will be on display, each of which has been chosen by a panel of the world’s leading automotive designers that best embrace the theme ‘Brave and Bold: America’s Next Iconic Vehicle’.

Called ‘Route’, Eburah’s design will be just one of the 32 designs to feature throughout the 2009 North American International Auto Show which is set to run until the end of this month.

His design specialises in providing comfortable long distance cruising abilities that uses a number of automated systems which offer safety and speeds potentially greater than that offered by a commercial flight.

The two-wheel, one occupant vehicle embraces the themes of comfort, speed and energy-efficiency by embracing the trio in a sleek, aero-dynamic design.

With a suspension system and motor built into the structure of the wheel, the ‘Route’ (pictured above) is both lightweight and eco-friendly with a low centre of gravity that promises to offer unparalleled levels of driving enjoyment.

Interior packaging space has been freed up because of the numerous space saving functions carried out solely by the wheel.

The inside of the ‘Route’ is as equally radical at its exterior, with the walls lined with computer graphic screens and surround sound systems, providing the passenger with a large array of entertainment and relaxation displays.

Up until now, Eburah has enjoyed a number of successes on the international design stage.  His reason for entering this latest high-profile competition is to share with others his passion for developing and creating unusual designs with realistic influences.

'MU'He said: “I’ve been a finalist in numerous international competitions and my work has been displayed in London at ‘Reinventing the Bike Shed’, Toronto at the ‘Canadian International Auto show 07’ and in Turin at ‘FIAT, Design the Italian Way’.”

His love affair with automotive design was realised when he undertook work placement in year 10 at the Midlands based automaker, Jaguar Cars Ltd – the company responsible for the popular XK sports car and luxury XF models.

“I was fortunate enough to have a two week placement at Jaguar Design, where I discovered car design,” he revealed.  “Many of the designers came from Coventry University, and therefore I knew I wanted to follow in their tracks.”

Meanwhile, the work of fellow automotive design student, Ralph Debbas from Beirut has also been short listed for a competition.  Today he will be presenting his ingenious ‘Mobile Utility’ concept in Paris before travelling to the event ceremony at the Eiffel Tower.

Debbas’ design is a two-part design.  In its entirety, it uses a four-wheel conventional set-up for the delivery of passengers and/or hefty objects.  When separated, the front section of the ‘Mobile Utility’ concept becomes a three-wheel vehicle that can deliver commercial goods contained in ‘pods’.

His work has been short listed as a possible winner of the prestigious Trophee de l’Argus – a European design competition that commenced in 2003 – with this year’s theme asking entrants to ‘Design a vehicle that is useful for society’.


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