VC congratulates staff and students on recent newspaper success

THE VICE-CHANCELLOR of Coventry University, Professor Madeleine Atkins has congratulated senior journalism lecturer, Dr. John Lister and students on the latest edition of CUToday. 

The idea behind the newspaper first came to being in 2005 before the first issue went to print in December of that year, and since then, Dr. Lister revealed that he has witnessed a progressive and welcome improvement in design and content. 

However, it is the latest issue of the Media and Communication department’s annual print newspaper that he is most pleased with, saying it represents student journalism “of the highest quality”. 

It is also the first time the newspaper has been worked on by students who have undertaken and completed almost three years of an undergraduate degree in journalism. 

He said: “The educational value of something that is going to be publicly distributed is much greater than people realise because it does achieve a different result. 

“Students aren’t too bothered about work that is only going to be distributed amongst themselves because there is always a credibility gap where they don’t believe you will print their work, and I can understand that.” 

“But they have responded very well and that is very positive, because naturally when they realise it is going to print it becomes more enlivening and they become more enthusiastic towards it,” he explained.   

He did, however, voice an air of caution, admitting that one of the key priorities for those working on the forth-coming issue was to maintain and improve upon such high levels of professionalism. 

“It has made a mark because it is more successful than any other before, but the challenge now is to carry on getting better. 

“We have a difficulty in the next two years because we have twice as many students, so we need to make people feel connected with it and that can be difficult.”

He added: “Regardless, our priority now, having got the standard up to this level, is to ensure it doesn’t role back again.  It will be a challenge, but a challenge I shall look forward to.”


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