Dr Alex Moulton – Bugatti Lecture

DR. MOULTON’S professional life has been devoted to the research and development of innovative designs.  He developed The Moulton Bicycle, introduced in 1962, and pioneered small-wheeled, full-suspension thinking which was acknowledged as the most radical change in bicycle design for over 60 years.  Over 150,000 were made and they still hold world and national speed records, testimony to their fundamentally advanced design.  He is also responsible for car suspensions from the rubber cone spring on the BMC Mini, to the Hydrolastic Austin 1100 and its successor, the Allegro (in collaboration with Sir Alec Issigonis) and the Hydragas on the Austin Metro, Rover 100 and MGF.  Between them, these systems have been fitted to some 8 million cars.  This lecture covers how his innovations in engineering have gained him a Queens Award, the CBE, 3 honorary doctorates, and have made him an icon for budding engineers.

Note: Apologies for apparent lack of sound quality


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